The Girl`s on the Square, Wilderness, Garden Route, South Africa offers a unique dining experience by award winning chefs Roxanne and Cheri The Girl`s on the Square, Wilderness, Garden Route,South Africa offers a unique dining experience by award winning chefs Roxanne and Cheri
We've moved! Visit our new restaurant at Palms Garden Square, 1 Owen Grant Str, opposite the Wilderness Hotel, Wilderness, +27 44 877 0445
The Girl`s on the Square, Wilderness
 About: Why 'The Girl`s?
Why 'The Girl`s? | Our Story

In March 2001 we, Roxanne Blum and Cheri Sheridan, opened The Riverside Kitchen on the Touw River in Wilderness, which quickly became a favourite with locals and visitors alike. At the time a chef was part of the team but on a day, more specifically 11 September!, he decided to follow a different path further up the coast.

Facing our first season in our new venture, we were forced to take over the reins in the kitchen with less than no knowledge of how to operate the equipment, let alone cook! But we knew what flavours were about and how to put them together! (Not to mention that you eat with your eyes too!!!)

Not long and it became more popular to say let`s go and eat at the Girls and so... “THE GIRLS” was the obvious choice.
After selling The Riverside Kitchen in 2005 we took some time off and then opened as The Girls Restaurant in March 2007, with the vision of creating a “distinctly different” eating and shopping experience.

The Girls was joined by her little sister, Fláva Café, early in 2011. Unfortunately at this time, due to ill health, Cheri withdrew from the businesses, leaving just the one "Girl", Roxanne. With two popular ventures to manage and now on her own, Roxanne decided to take a step back from the grill in 2014.

The Girls spent 11 successful years in this unusual location where locals and tourists returned time and again for the great food and service but certainly not the view!

In late 2016, Roxanne opened her third restaurant in the village, known as Roxi`s on the Square in the newly renovated Palms Garden Square.

It seemed the only way to give our customers the best all-round dining experience at The Girl's, would be to find a better location… So in mid 2018 The Girl's Restaurant joined hands with Roxi’s on the Square to become The Girl's on the Square!

We look forward to seeing you at 'The Girl`s on the Square!

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The Girl`s are proud members of this International Association of Gastronomy now established in over 70 countries and bringing together enthusiasts who share the same values for quality and fine dining.

The distinctive character of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is to bring together amateurs and professionals, from all over the world, whether they are hoteliers, restaurateurs, executive chefs or sommeliers, in the appreciation of fine cuisine.